Senin, 24 Januari 2011

Hey World? :]

It has been a long time I haven't written much here hehe I have been busy with many things in my life which are reaaaaally darn tiring. But anyway, I'm getting kind of bored of getting those assigments and exams and those such things. Thanks God, it's holiday! :D hm well I have got my days off, its thirty days off which is so great I'll get to spenf my whole time with my boyfriend :P but one awkward thing is... I haven't got my score for this semester! Actually it makes me kinda nervous though but I'm trying to relax and taking it easy. I've done my best? it's time for God to answer my prayer somehow. I'm looking forward to go back home in this month off, but let's just see because I have to check all the time when the result of my exams in this semester will be announced. Hoping it will be great! Wish me luuuuuuuck. And gosh... I miss my mom so bad. it has been 6 months I haven't seen her and it gets me hard to phone her lately because of my exams but last nite I was on phone with her and she wishes me luck for my result for this semester! and I just got to know my brother is growing up :O lol I just knew he has got girlfriend but anyway isn't it good? :)! just really miss them ssoooooo much...
Ah, and it has been really great days. I'm not so lonely since my boyfriend is here besides me like ALWAAAAAYS! eventhough not physically here but really he makes me feel like I'm with him. We celebrated our 4 months dating like weeks ago, hehe it was really great. he gets more and more sweet each day and I'm falling in love with him more and more everyday. Getting lovebirds everyday!. Well, just wish to have no more arguments. sometimes a little thing can be a big deal to us and it means we have to get more mature to overcome these kind of things.. Despite of those things, I really do know that he loves me the way I do love him. Growing old with him is my dream. Biggest dream of mine. I love him so baaaaad.
Hehe, I've talked a lot guys. I really need to some stuffs. When I get a little bit time I'll write again in here bye see yaaa<33