Selasa, 13 September 2011

The Anonymous Losers of Internet

World is getting worse that even virtual society has some anonymous fags in there. So I have noticed a lot of accounts attempted to torture or hurt people with their hatred words. Let's just call these bitches internet haters. They spread hate for a person, a thing, a movie or even a religion online like cmon dude you don't even have the balls to say it on public so why do you bother talking shits over internet? GOD, pussies stop acting like a precious tough guy cause being a dickhead and hiding behind your computer doesn't make you cool. EPIC FAIL?! jhbdsgdygdfjkbcfhb. You sure need to get a real life try to communicate with real 'humans'

This shit happens all the time and for those who are hated don't need to worry about these haters cause theyre are the examples of life failures, will be a real waste of time if you take your time to respond any of their bullcraps. I believe none of them would want to speak up on public cause that's what eduacated people do as they called to constructively critize something and thats beyond  these retards expectationa as they are not even schooled.