Selasa, 19 Juni 2012

Parking lots (female only?)

Well hi its been a while since i wrote the last post :) i had so many things to do! yeah busy days are ahead of me, upcoming exams, tons of assignments, tons of reports but just gotta love em all haha otherwise I'll be flunked and no one wants that!! hahaha

By they way I'm here to discuss something that Ive been wondering about, just thought I'd share to you guys :) Ive been hmmm thinking about an issue regarding women roles and women ability in public spheres. It's about parking lots for women. I did not keep track really but I have been encountering this in many public spaces. For those who might feel unfamiliar with this its fine because at the very first time i found this very confusing! Let me explain it to you a bit, car parks for women, as you can interpret, are indeed built for women only. Many malls in Asia typically have these kind of car parks which is weird for me because hmmm I'm kinda wondering about what are these car parks for. Well, you might as well have to take a look at the positive side, many women feel that female car parks are very helpful that they dont have to go all over the lots to get their car parked because they are provided with certain places as their lots but then if you see from the other side, which is quite negative is that it's gender biased?

The thing is... the car parks for women are built in the same level & places with the car parks for disable people. Wait! I'm not talking shit about disable people and nor am I complaining about the parks that are provided for them but then again women are not disabled!! Not all women are bad at driving? Like, I know heaps of women who drive 24/7 anywhere and anytime they want to and they aint got shit during their time driving cars. When I shared this with my friends, she said that I'm complaing to much about little things, and that I should just shut up and accept because it is helpful for women. Well, let me get this straight. I'm not saying that it is NOT helpful. I personally think that it gives a lot of benefits for women. What I really need to emphasize here is that, we, as women, need to have some critical thoughts!! Why would they compare us to disable people?

So, before I even posted this, I did a little research on WHAT are their reasons of building parking lots for women. I didn't get that many informations but all that I could get is that because women doesnt have strong sense of distance. Oh wait what?! You need to calm down a bit right there, because that surely is a stereotype. I know a lot of women who drive even better than man? Myself, I have been learning on how to drive since like, a month ago and I don't really find such difficulties and I'm ready to surf the roads!!

Society judges too quick especially when it comes to women issues. Ever since the 1st feminsm movement was invented women are restricted to have roles in public spheres. But now that time flies, things changed. Yes, we do get our rights. But  have we got the equality yet? I think we haven't

Talking about equality, especially in the country where I live in, Indonesia. Women are excluded although there are so many women who have reached better quality of life still they are not treated the same way as men are treated. Examples? too many to explain but this parking lots thingy is just one of them!

Women are not the second citizens and that we do have to go over everything that we encounter in our daily lives. We need to take a lot closer and find if it really is good for us and if it is not find the reason why. A lot of us, even me, sometimes, do not really pay attention on the things that are provided to us. We would just accept it as it is but that is now how to live life. I'm now getting myself used to be critical in everway of my life. Remember, the truth is not always true. What is true for us might not be true for others :) Again, as women, let's be critical!! It's not that we oppose everything that is given to use, its about how we make use of our brains and questioning if its really good!

Thanks so much for reading this and have a nice day!