Minggu, 20 Februari 2011

Umm... I feel high today xD

HIIII, it has been a month though I haven't written on my blog! :3 Well, many things have been going :P I got my score ;O in my last blog I kinda wrote I hadn't got my result yet but it announced like hmm a week ago or so. It was great but I think it wasn't really enough, I should study more and more and more. Well, I got 3,47. Perfect score is 4. Next semester I should really be studying harder cause I have a target to get a perfect score ;). I'm enjoying my college so much. It's really fun. I'm not a 'sciene' girl haha I'm more into social. But when I was in high school I took science. Why? Even though I didn't like science but, it was better to take it, since social class were cheesy.. you know what I mean lol.. those girls are.. sluts.. oops sorry but that's the fact xD Teacher are mostly lazy to go on social class well don't know why but according to them they are all naughty haha due to that thing I decided to take science which was really stressing! LOL since I knew nothing at all about science :P But hehe by the time I passed it and graduated. Now I'm in a humanity faculty. That's soooooo my thing. But, since I didn't took social science in high school. Many of students in my faculty are obviously sort of  better than me. I didn't learn social as much as they did. But anyway that's the challenge!! :3 lol ok ok lemme tell you what has been goin on lately :P hmm I have been enjoying my days with my boyfriend tbh and my friends~ Meme, Unyil, Lita, Titak, Dandang, Adit, Putri ~ hahah theyre all awesome :P I looove my day since they came into my life :3 Especially for my one and only hehe <33

Well It's been 5 months too ;) With Aleeeex. He's amazing! My future husband.

Ah hmm what else. OOOOH hahah should tell ya I'm goin on diet now :P but dunno if it's gonna work I'm just hoping and keep trying ;)

Well tbh I can't wait to go on college again, to see how fun it will be! :3 

That's all maybe now hehe and I need more followers aaa~ :D

have a nice day

Loveee and Muchas Kisses

Tya <33