Rabu, 23 Februari 2011

I think I am starting to like WRITTING :3

So yeah,  I found it interesting. Well, I used to have a diary but I don't like my handwritting very much.. lol I mean I'm not that good at it so I thought of typing something on internet. Then, I found a site that provide you to write your journal well yes on the line. So I decided to sign up but after 3 days writting, I stopped and the day after or two days after I don't really remember, I forgot the password which made me couldn't open the account and write there anymore.. :P Well that wasn't a big deal.. I know about blog but that was invisible to me lol I didn't really pay attention but oneday I caught myself really bored like I had no one to talk to - my boyfriend was sleeping all friends were busy and I needed something to do. So I turned on lappy and found someone posted her/his blog link and that made me intersted to start signed up and write. Since then I found myself really enjoy to figure out about something and write them here with my own touch of style. And I think this would help me since.. I've told you where I am now and I do need to practice. Well writing is fun, I make it fun. I mean I write stuff about me, thoughts of my mind and popular issues around the world. The last one, I plan to write that topic soon ;) I'm not a type of person who would write an essay blah blah I'm not that smart but who knows after I write alot I could make one. This will bring benefits for me.

I started to like writting since I found myself didn't know what to do and BORED TO DEATH.. lol And I don't really like hanging around places and I don't find anything interesting to watch on tv, I prefer internet cause google is like god LOL knows everything well pretty much like that :P

And those social networkings are totally boring now, like I've known all stuffs to do and I've been using it for long time so c'mon I need something new! And those things like fb,twitter got nothing to do with benefits. This is better than those.

Ah awkward thing is when I feel so high to write but I don't know what to write lol... this could be a problem though but when I find it like that, I will start to elook up something google.. even random things lol..maybe because these days are my days off so I haven't been doing many things that's why everyday is pretty much the same hahaa.

I hope I won't find writting on blog is gonna be boring though -_-' I HOPE.. WELL NO I WON'T CUS IT'S SO MUCH FUN =))