Selasa, 05 April 2011


Heyhoo. It's been forever since I wrote here for the last time. I've been busy, so busy with college and those damn assigments. Creepy how I get so many more assigments since I'm in 2nd semester now. I mean the first semester seemed to be so easy and there weren't so many things to do but now meh -.-
Well, I found myself bored these days. I actually am having something to do right now [what else it can be besides homeworks shit :P] well yes, homeworks -.- Ugh but I don't feel like to do it so I decided to go on blog and write smth.. perhaps this gunna make me better, AT LEAST I hope lol.  I don't even know what to write now just letting what comes out of my mind SIGHH Oh probably I shouldve written about how my days been going, well pretty much the same shit so :/ I don't really know what to tell BUTTT for sure ;) I  have the only thing that I've been always waiting for ! What else except me and alex's anniversary day hehe that's the only thing I can think of right now cuz that's the only thing I wait for tbh :P

What else now -.-..
Mhmm, Really LOL I don't know what to talk about but I really wanna write smth to get rid of boredom .. shit happens my brain isn't working currently LOL..

Anyway Utha is laying besides me she's so cute and FAT lol
There wont be any sexier cat .. she is the sexiest LOL
ehhh this blog is going pretty much pointless now hahaha but w/e I'm writting to get rid of boredom xD

I'm thinking of making video blog mhmm

Naw Im hungry lol I'm going to kitchen then, that's all for now I'll be right back soon :P [IF IM IN THE MOOD TO WRITE HAHA]
BYEEE <33333